Are you aware of the “Florida 14-day accident law?”

The Florida 14-day law requires you to get examined within 14 days of a motor vehicle collision, for you to receive PIP (personal injury protection) benefits to cover injuries as a result of the car accident. PIP is a form of car insurance that covers some of your medical expenses and other expenses such as lost wages and death benefits.

Many victims experience some type of injury after a personal injury accident. Whether your injuries present pain symptoms or not, a chiropractic doctor can treat your injuries so you can restore your mobility, strengthen your muscles, and stabilize your body once again. If you are experiencing pain due to circumstances such as a car accident or a slip and fall, it’s important to make sure that you clearly understand the extent of your injuries and receive proper treatment for them to minimize long-term effects, costs and other health consequences.

Dr. Antos and Dr. Rosa both offer comprehensive services for evaluating and treating personal injuries. As experts in rehabilitative therapy, they will create an individualized treatment and recovery plan to help you return to your regular activities, pain-free. Our doctors also educate you about potential-long term consequences of your injury and provide strategies for minimizing them.

Our treatments may include:

  • Manual therapy—Occasional adjustments, combined with soft tissue rehabilitation, designed to restore normal movement and position joints.
  • Soft tissue rehabilitation—Noninvasive therapies designed to return tight or damaged soft tissues throughout the body to regular motion, including massage therapy, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, stretching, strength and range-of-motion exercises.
  • Home care—Personalized programs that are designed to help speed recovery, restore strength and mobility and improve posture. We provide postural education and active range of motion exercises as well as education on the use of ice packs and nutritional supplements that may be helpful.

The most commonly affected areas of the body are the neck and spine after a personal injury accident takes place. Individuals, who already suffer from chronic pain and soreness, find their pain symptoms increased, having worsened their pre-developed injuries. Even victims, who do not immediately experience pain, should still make it a top priority to make an appointment with a chiropractor after a personal injury accident.

Many injuries do not cause soreness, stiffness, discomfort, or pain until days or even weeks after an accident occurs. Early care and treatment will provide a chance for successful healing and a faster recovery. Even the most minor types of accidents could cause severe injuries if the body was pushed, stretched, or twisted in an abnormal manner. Chiropractic treatments are the right next step toward restoring your body to its optimal functioning ability.